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hop in the burban

this shit's fucked, let's bounce.

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the frederick rock city mayhem crew
the rock city! (frederick not detroit)
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welcome to frederick, maryland: model homes, sinkholes, scandal and anthrax.

...... great shops too.

andrew chen, anthrax, asshole cows, baker park, bathtubs, beer, bikes, bitch, buttons, choking victim, critical mass, dead prez, denny's, dumpster diving, eatadick, fredpac, gay bar, gettysburg, grange hall, ho, hockeycore, hood college, hookah, hummus, insurgency, joey's boobs, kittens, kurtball, labatt blue, leftover crack, making out, manchester united, mayhem, meet the feebles, mr. shaw, nigel, operation ivy, piracy, piratecore, pirates, poopcore, reggae, romanian grave digging, sifl and olly, slut, smcm, stabby mcduringsex, storming ft detrick, swashbuckling in general, tasting room terrorism, the bar, the boozening, the british goods store, the burban, the civil war, the common market, the hootenany songbook, the imp in pimp, the lion of judah, the olde towne tavern, the pad, the pancake-ening, the sidebar, throwing bricks, travis' balls, trick, ween

Social capital

  • less than 10